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Tulsa Table Tennis Club

Tulsa Table Tennis



Thursday - 4-11-24

14 players. Travis Flatt, Drew Cowan, Martin Ndengang, John Moore, Alex Tupas, Abraham Kaprielian, David Leonard, David Khai, Orson Slater, Suan Lang, Michael Johns, Thang Pi, Susan Phillips, Mike Hamby.

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Tuesday - 4-9-24

17 players. Drew Cowan, Ray Pestridge, Hamid Ezzat, Alex Tupas, John Moore, Martin Ndengang, Abraham Kaprielian, Travis Flatt, Seth Jacob, Michael Johns, Mats Johansson, Thang Pi, Suan Lang, David Khai, Susan, Jorge Marcial (new), Mike Hamby.

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Thursday - 4-4-24

18 players. Victor Frischknecht, Michael Johns, Seth Jacob, Orson Slater, Hamid Ezzat, Suan Lang, Abraham Kaprielian, Tom Jourdan, Ray Pestridge, David Leonard, David Khai, Thang Pi, Alex Tupas, Martin Ndengang, Mats Johansson, Cameron Franks, Susan, Mike Hamby.

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The Tulsa Table Tennis Club is looking for a potential/future  place to play.  If anyone knows of a place that can store up to 6 tables, let us know .

For places we have looked at to move the Bixby club to - click here

Note - this website is not phone friendly (sorry) - but is laptop/desktop friendly.

Ray Pestridge live interview on KOTV/Channel 6 on 6-14-22: click here

Be sure to checkout our Facebook page (facebook.com/TulsaTableTennis) 
(managed by ?). Click the Facebook icon above for more Tulsa Table Tennis info.
(there are some great old photos posted including some of Stephen Ackart before he lost 150 lbs). (posted this on 2-21-23)

Alex Tupas has new paddles for sale (added 1-28-20)

For a web page of links to videos shot by local television stations - click here

For places to play ping pong (ie bars and businesses) -
see Links (5-8) below.


The Tulsa Table Tennis Club meets at 1 place:

Tuesday     6:00 pm to 10:00 PM (John Knox chruch)
Thursday    6:00 pm  to 10:00 pm (John Knox church)

Wed      4:00 pm to 7:30 pm (for the Bixby location)

(1) John Knox Church (6 tables)
Meets Tuesdays and Thursday nights - 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
2929 East 31st, Tulsa, Ok. 74105
(on 31st between Harvard and Lewis on the north side of 31st).
Contact: Drew Cowan - 539-218-6892 (Drew is a member of this church).
(date moved in - 6-4-19)
Enter on the south side in front of the church's parking circle.
This door will be locked at all times.
To get in, you need to call someone that is in the building to come and open the door or you need to bang on the south door (where we enter) or the window on the east side of the fellowship hall (which is where we play) until someone hears you.
There is no church staff to open the door.
(for updates on the John Knox Tulsa table tennis page - click here)
1 Stiga Evolution rollaway (3/4" top)
4 Butterfly Centerfold 25 tables - 1" top - (280 lbs each)
1 Stiga 410Q - (1" top)
The Fellowship room is 39' x 85'.
For a link to the church's website - click here


(2) Essential Table Tennis - Tulsa/Bixby Club
(South County Recreation Center (start July 3, 2023)
Wednesdays - 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM - in the gym (guaranteed for 1 year).

13800 South Peoria Ave
Bixby, Ok. 74008
Center Phone: 918-746-3780
David Leonard - 918-607-2519 - club contact
For directions, see the contact us page.
(the gym can hold 8 tables).
2 Butterfly Centerfold 25 rollaways.
2 Stiga 3000 Quickplay rollaways (3/4" tops),
2 Stiga 410Q - (1" top)
1 - Stiga Privat Roller (3/4" top).

(note - this is a David Correa sponsored club).


Tulsa Table Tennis Club Contacts:
Kelly Boyce
Cell: 918-640-2209
email: kellyboyceba@gmail.com

John Knox Church location contact:
Drew Cowan - 539-218-6892


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Welcome New Members!

Cody West (8-22-23)
Ibrahim Abou Hamad (5-25-23)
Tom Hillis (4-25-23)
Emir Valitov (3-14-23)
Josh Simmons (2-14-23)
Seth Jacob (2-9-23)
Thang Pi (11-29-22)
Baltazar Laguna (11-3-22)
David Reynolds (10-25-22)
Gabriel Santos (10-13-22)
Abraham Kaprielian(10-5-22)
Jacob Tipton (9-27-22)
Tully Cockerham (9-27-22)
Jonny Miller (9-23-22)
Cole Berkenbile (9-20-22)
Carynn Chance (9-20-22)
Brandon Waller (9-1-22)
Mauricio Oviedo (5-31-22)
Yen-Ting Chen (5-19-22)
Robert Nipper (5-3-22)
Travis Flatt (2-22-22)
Scott McWilliams (12-28-21)
Reed Maguire (12-14-21)
Cal Maguire (12-14-21)
Paul Slater (11-30-21)
Orson Slater (11-30-21)
Xavier Lee (10-12-21)
Scott Coatney (11-11-21)
Scot Willis (11-9-21)
Patrick Ohlson (11-4-21)
Peter Thang (9-14-21)
Jesper Ohlson (9-9-21)
Sam Agbasi  (9-2-21)
Michael Johns (2-27-20)
Dennis Pauls (2-10-20)
Juan Pagan (1-7-20)
Ming Li (12-10-19)
Dylan Garland (8-29-19)
Robb Lee (8-29-19)
Chuck Urasaki (7-25-19)
Shweta Govind (6-20-19)
Enrique Perez (4-25-19)
Bruno Fernandez (1-15-19)
Diego Fernandez (1-15-19)
Garrett Schaede (12-3-18)
Vignesh (10-2-18)
Shane Spicer (9-4-18)
Bill Wyman (8-9-18)
Richard Hart (1-9-18)
Jaesung Kim (11-27-17)
Brad Balmer (9-19-17)
Ly Nguyen (7-25-17)
Robert Yang (5-1-17)
Luke Nell (5-1-17)
Corey Flaugher (5-17-17)
Stephan Denis (5-1-17)
Corey Cook (4-20-17)
Carson Thoma (2-6-17)
Bret Thoma (2-6-17)
Edwin Jin (10-4-16)
Matee Chinsethagid (10-4-16)
Brian Flinn (8-15-16)
Stephen Littlechild (8-1-16)
Randy Brooks (2-9-16)
David Leonard (1-19-16)
Tim Schley (4-21-15)
Sam Samour (4-21-15)
Eli Betinjani (3-10-15)
Jim Rice (11-25-14)
Charles Deng (11-18-14)
Wesley Li (9-30-14)
Okba Harfoush (9-4-14)
Chris Park (8-26-14)
John Kerfoot (8-12-14)
Eddie Tibbs (7-29-14)
Eric Drake (7-22-14)
Tom Harrison (3-20-14)
Madhu Koduri (8-27-13)
Jason Taylor (8-13-13)
Ty Johnson (4-9-13)
Jim Stewart (4-4-13)
Jim Zink (4-4-13)
Tom Jourdan (3-14-13)
Ouli Jourdan (3-14-13)
Chris Park (3-12-13)
Ted Hill (3-5-13)
Chris Stillwell (3-5-13)
Dan Theuber (11-16-12)
Ken Wagner (11-13-12)
Braden Wagner (11-13-12)
Obie Bryant (10-29-12)
Jeff Notley (10-29-12)
John Cai (9-11-12)
Drew Cowan (8-1-12)
Kyle Sanchez (5-31-12)
Randy White (5-29-12)
Daryl Chronister (5-17-12)
Matt Hand (5-17-12)
Bohyun Nam (5-8-12)
Don Tiger (1-10-12)
Bruce Hudkins (8-30-11)
Kyle Ng (8-16-11)
Don Little (8-11-11)
Justin Holland (8-9-11)
Glen Grusendorf (7-5-11)
Martin Ndengang (3-22-11)
Josh Ford (2-22-11)
Bryan Figg (2-21-11)
Jacob Herriman (1-25-11)
Sina Asadallahi (12-09-10)
Fernando Prato (11-23-10)
Harish Patel (11-16-10)
Johnny McClanahan (9-21-10)
Ray Pestridge (8-23-10)
Steven Szabad -(8-10-10)
Mike Hamby - (6-3-10)
Michael Childers (6-1-10)
Jacob Childers (6-1-10)
Jared Childers (6-1-10)
Darren Delaune (5-25-10)
Betty Bermudez (4-28-10)
Hugh Pham (3-4-10)
Nathan Littledave (2-8-10)
San Z.  (2-2-10)
Manan Azhar (12-8-09)
Antonio Lewis (8-7-09)
Greg McCann (6-9-09)
Igor Shendrik (5-27-09)
Olga Shendrik (5-27-09)
Di Jin  (3-30-09)
Zaeen Afzal (2-26-09)
Dwayne Beavers (2-17-09)
Brett Robbins (2-3-09)
Thomas Berryhill (2-3-09)
Ben Bass (1-20-09)
Dane Boswell (11-17-08)
Chris Agimudie (11-13-08)
Nick Agimudie (11-13-08)
Hung Bui  (10-20-08)
Marshall Earnest (10-7-08)
Phil Narotam  (9-25-08)
Glenn Godsey (9-22-08)
Marshall Earnest (9-9-08)
Steve Ford (8-19-08)
Joe Spaulding (5-19-08)
Yee Yang (5-15-08)
Jim Hughes (4-1-08)
John Moore (3-22-08)
Jim Rice - (2-19-08)
Charles Johnson - 12-27-07
Marty Andrews (11-2-07)
Jody Vivion (6-19-07)
Zack Eldridge (5-10-07)
Corey Flaugher (4-3-07)
Seth Sheriff (1-30-07)
Huy Nguyen (1-11-07)
Ted Bennett (1-4-07)
Mark Wallace (12-21-06)
Taylor Carmona (9-7-06)
Steve Orrick (9-7-06)
Ken Baird (8-22-06)
Mats Johansson (7-27-06)
Ray Wilson (5-25-06)
Bill Ridout (4-10-06)
Alex Tupas (3-21-06)
Tim Yardy (2-9-06)
Gene Bowlin (2-7-06)
Joe Landers (1-27-06)
Ray Awe (10-20-05)
Tao Wang (8-11-05)
Amit Gujar (8-4-05)
Ron Adhikari (7-19-05)
Bill Dickson (4-11-05)
Peter Zhang (4-5-05)
Bob Endres (3-29-05)
Melvin Norton (3-7-05)
Rajat Kaul (3-1-05)
Phil Sallee (12-7-04)
Josh Sallee (12-7-04)
Ted Hill (11-22-04)
Peng Yan (10-12-04)
Zack Pfaff - 9-20-04
Jose Correa (7-17-04)
J. Ray Huang (7-12-04)
Joe Monroe (7-15-04)
George Valverde (6-16-04)
Tony Hicks (6-8-04)
Leonard Williams (5-11-04)
Jeff King (5-11-04)
John Abraham (5-11-04)
John Walsh (4-6-04)
John Walsh Sr. (4-6-04)
Corey Flaugher (4-6-04)
Loyd Garrison (3-30-04)
Richard Selman (3-30-04)
Eddie Collins (3-23-04)
Carl Spendiff (3-1-04)
Rob McKinney (2-23-04)
Laury Lee (12-7-03)

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(1) Rules of table tennis - click here

(1a) Rubber review site - https://revspin.net/rubber/

(2) To buy Xiom Vega rubber - https://www.tabletennis11.com  (per Alex Tupas - 12-30-19))

(3) How have the new plastic balls changed table tennis - click here

or to view a club webpage with this info - click here

(4) to view You Tube videos of Tulsa Table Tennis players - click here



 Bars/Places in Tulsa to play ping pong:

(5) Phat Tire Bike Shop at 420 E. 2nd St, Tulsa. They have one table but it is not set up all the time. You must call in advance before playing. For now, you can call Okba at 918-829-4407 (added on 11-19-21)

(5a) Lefty's bar- 10 N Greenwood Ave A, Tulsa, OK 74120 (downtown Tulsa) - 918-794-0017. Sunday's only starting 6:30 PM.

(6) Sharky's bar - 3415 South Peoria, Tulsa. 918-742-9500

(7) The Tulsan Bar - 412 East 2nd, Tulsa. 918-409-0085. Have 2 tables (maybe more). Have league play - costs $25.
Open 4:00 PM to midnight. One way to get there - go to Peoria and 2nd street, go west about 1/2 mile - on the south side of road. Just west of Hwy 75 and south of I-244. (Okba has been here many times. Bruno has been there once).

(8) Cabin Boys Brewery- 1717 E. 7th St. (7th and Utica), Tulsa. 918-933-4033


(9) Best of Pongfinity (added 8-21-18) - click here

(10) USATT affiliated Club list (added 10-6-21) - click here

(11) Essential Table Tennis in Okla City by David Correa (2 locations)

(for the Tulsa's info club link - http://tulsatabletennis.com/essential-table-tennis-club-okc-david-correa.html )

(12) Moore Oklahoma Table Tennis Club by David Correa

(for the Tulsa club's info link - http://tulsatabletennis.com/moore-ok-table-tennis-club.html )

(13) Oklahoma City Table Tennis Club (by Britt Salter)-  CLICK HERE.

(14)  Muskogee Table Tennis Club - click here

(15)  Bartlesville Table Tennis Club - click here

(16)  Jopln Table Tennis club

(17) Wichita, Kansas Table Tennis club (e.g. John Potochnik)

(18) Wichita Falls Texas table tennis club - click here

(19) Arkansas Table Tennis Academy - arktta.org  (Mike Lauru club in North Little Rock)

(20) Springfield, Missouri Ozark Table Tennis club (ie Bill Lewis):




(21) For National Ratings - by player name - of table tennis players - click here

(22) For a list of the other Table Tennis Clubs or Ping Pong Clubs in any state - click here

(23) For a list of the tournaments in this region - traditional   or by new format

(24) USATT home page: click here

(25) Tulsa Table Tennis Club Membership by Expiration date and expired memberships: click here

(26) Table Tennis Coaching at the Tulsa Club is not available as of 3-14-23.
Ray Pestridge has recently passed the ITTF Level 2 Coaching Course and is a Gold Medalist of the National Senior Games for both Menís Singles and Menís Doubles for his age group.
Interested in a Robo Pong (table tennis robot) to better your game?
Ray is a Newgy Affiliate and is offering free set up and free coaching to anyone purchasing a Newgy Robo-Pong through him.

(27) 1-6-12 - for a web page of world class players on You Tube - click here

(28) "pong finity trick shots" - type this into youtube.com's search field to see some amazing shots (this was submitted by Bob Kyker on 11-26-16).

(29) 7-31-11 added - Bruce Lee playing ping pong (compliments of Johnny McClananhan) - click here

(30) 6-2-11 - New York Times article "The little white ball obsession that isn't golf" - click here

(31) 7/09 added: What is a "ping pong door"?  click here

(32) 7/09 added: Where is the most expensive table tennis club in America? Spin New York

(33) 7/09 added: President Obama buys a ping pong table for the White House - click here

(34) 11/08 added: Cole Ely's table tennis equipment site (best prices) - click here

(35) Misc. old info and links and web pages that used to be on the home page - click here

(36) For an article on Ping Pong Diplomancy 1971 (They were the first group of Americans allowed into China since the Communist takeover in 1949 and started the last table tennis craze in America) click here
(scroll down then click on "ping pong diplomancy" article)

(37) What style of player are you?
Go the the "facts" web page (click here)and scroll down to article #24 for a list of the 8 styles or types of players or for the full article - click here

(38) The ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) home page - click here

(39) Table Tennis rules - from USATT

(40) To see how the USATT rating system works - click here 

(41) Square footage space used by the Tulsa table tennis club - click here

(42) USATT liability insurance - what does it cover - click here


Techniques on how to play and other informational sites

(43) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_tennis - general info and links to other sites

(44) Megaspin.com table tennis info page - click here

(45) http://www.jimlangley.net/aboutjim/pingpongprimer.html - Ping Pong primer

(46) Square footage space used by the Tulsa table tennis club - click here

(47) Where did the 5 Bixby tables and the cardboard cart go? - Click here  (posted 3-18-23)




Other info:


Ron Shirley, from the Oklahoma City table tennis club, passed away Thursday, March 1, 2007







Tulsa Ping Pong Club uses orange or white Nittaku Nexcel poly/plastic balls.
For more contact info for the Ping Pong Club, see contact page. ("Ping Pong" is a registered trademark of Escalade Sports).