USATT liability insurance

The club's yearly dues include liability insurance.
What the insurance covers is described below in 2 emails:

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Kelly – 

Your personal property, tables, paddles, equipment is NOT covered under the liability policy. Personal property or club property or borrowed property in your care, custody and control is excluded. The coverage you need is pretty commonplace and likely can be provided by your local insurance agent that handles your auto, renters or homeowners insurance. You will inquire to get “inland marine” coverage. The agent will likely require a list of items that are to be insured along with their replacement cost. This can include tables, paddles, the robot if you have one, etc. They may also want to know how they are stored, how the building is accessed, if there is a sprinkler system, etc. Sorry I could not place that coverage for you.

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From: Kevin V. Joyce []
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To: Kelly Boyce
Cc: 'Andrew Horn'
Subject: RE: This is Kelly Boyce with the Tulsa Table Tennis club

The USATT has two policies that protect the national governing body, its members and member clubs. 

The first is an excess accident policy. If a member in good standing is injured during a supervised practice or sanctioned event then they may file a claim for their injury. Their primary medical insurance would respond first then the excess would respond. If they do not have any primary coverage then their USATT excess medical would become primary after the deductible is met. Again, they must be a current member of USATT and the activity must be a scheduled/supervised practice or sanctioned event being hosted by the member club.

 The second is the commercial general liability policy. Basically, USATT member clubs are leasing school gyms, community centers, park and rec facilities, church halls, etc. to host scheduled practice, play and sanctioned events conducted by the club. The facility owners want to make sure the clubs have liability insurance in place before they lease to them. Often, they will require the club to present a Certificate of Insurance as proof. General Liability provides coverage to members from claims made by negligent acts accidentally committed resulting in bodily injury, personal and advertising injury or property damage.  It does not provide that facility with 24 hour coverage when the USATT member club is not hosting a supervised practice or sanctioned event. And, it will not cover damage to, theft of or vandalism of your personal property such as the actual tables, flooring, paddles, etc.



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