Bixby tables - where did they go?

We moved the 5 Bixby tables and the cardboard cart on 3-17-23.

This is where they went:

John Cai
13305 S. 65th E. Place, Bixby (131st and Sheridan)
The oldest table that stands 6' 1' tall - Stiga Privat rollaway

Jason Taylor
1601 W. Utica st, Broken Arrow (101st and 145th).
the cardboard cart and a 3/4" top Stiga Quick play rollaway table.

John Kerfoot
13001 S. 78th E. Ave, Bixby (131st west of Memorial)
A 3/4" top Stiga quick play rollaway

Drew Cowan
A 1" thick Stiga 410Q

John Knox church
A 1" thick Stiga 410Q

Note - 2 other players were willing to store tables:
Mauricio Oviedo
Xavier Lee

(this web page was created on 3-18-23)