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Old links to old tournaments and other misc. info that was on the home page at one time

(nothing gets deleted on this site but winds up on this page)




Article on the Wichita Tournament held 3-22-08 - by Kelly Boyce and by Stephen Ackart


3-22-08 Wichita tournament (PDF file)

For 2 articles on the Oklahoma City/Moore  tournament held 2-23-08 written by Larry Buell and Kelly Boyce - click here (html file)

OKCTT CLUB 1-STAR TOURNAMENT - Held Feb. 23, 2008  To view results - click here (pdf file)


From the home page - removed on 1-18-14 per Alex Tupas emailed dated 1-17-14

May one day copy and paste this info back on the home page.

3) Victory Christian Church
7700 South Lewis
Tulsa, Ok.  74036
Meets Saturday nights only - 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM
(Note - not affiliated with the Tulsa Table Tennis club)
Across the street (west) of Oral Roberts University.
The entrance to the gym is on the northwest side of this mega-church
Alex Tupas:  918-289-1962     Seedsact@aol.com
Pastor Loi:    918-491-7830     sloi@victory.com
Noel:            918-906-1848     nlf_ranch @yahoo.com
Main church phone: 918-491-7700


View Results of the 2008 Winter Sooner State Games held 2-23-08 - click here (pdf file)


(4) Keith and Rachel Spence table tennis venue
Open to the public but please call and confirm if you are coming to play.

Time: 6:30-10:00 p.m.
Day : Every Saturday
Home Address: 1500 East Roanoke St., Broken Arrow OK. 74011
Contact info: e-mail (mlckeith@hotmail.com)
Home tell: 918-995-2111
For pics of their room and table - click here