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John Knox Church update page for the Tulsa Table Tennis Club

8-16-19 - beginning 9-5-19 - there will no play on the first Thursday of each month. The church is starting a dinner for the members. (It is possible this may not be a permanent thing).

6-5-19 - John Knox church - We are now moved in ! Thanks to Johnny McClanahan's big truck and Drew Cowan, Bob Kyker and Kelly Boyce for moving the 5 tables, barriers, cardboard, robot and nets from Dawson to the church.
The Fellowship room is 39' x 85'.
For a link to the church's website - click here
The John Knox church building is owned by the PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN AMERICA

We can begin play on Thursday!
Note - the church has a day camp for kids until around 5:30 PM and the kids stay in the room we will be playing in.
We can't use the room (or be in the room) until the last child is picked up by their parents.
Drew Cowan will be the only contact person with the church, so any questions about the church building or their activities, see Drew only.
For table tennis info, see Drew, Bob, Kelly or any member of the club.
Interesting fact - Drew Cowan secured the church for our club but he never asked the church if we could play there. The church asked Drew if we would play there!

(this web page was created on 6-5-19)