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Gary Sanchez (comments below)

Fitzgerald Ivy Chapel and Southwood Colonial Chapel
Gary Lee Sanchez (S-Wood)Gary Lee Sanchez (S-Wood)
(November 27, 1932 - August 22, 2013)

U.S. Veteran Gary Lee Sanchez

Visitation 5-7 p.m. Sunday, August 25, 2013 followed by a Rosary at 7 p.m. both at Fitzgerald Southwood Colonial Chapel. Mass of Christian Burial 11 a.m. Monday, August 26, 2013 at Church of Saint Mary. Interment: Calvary Cemetery

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From Kelly Boyce: (written 8-22-13 and 2-24-14)
With great sadness Gary Sanchez passed away today. Gary was the vice president of the club from the late 1970's to around 1994 when he became the president until 2003 when Gary retired from table tennis.
Gary and I had a lot of great table tennis fun for many years. He and I used to run tournaments in Tulsa. He was always willing to help move the equipment around (he was in great working shape) for tournaments and also the many, many times our club moved around from Tulsa recreation center to recreation center. He never complained about moving tables (these were Detroiter tables without wheels that you had to lift up and carry) but would just grab a table and go (it was a bit difficult to keep up with him !). During tournaments I would kid him (somewhat) about how he would be in charge of crowd control (something he was very good at doing during the times we needed a crowd controller - something the old timers will remember). He never showed up without Carlene (his wife). Both of them were a huge part of making the club work (and be fun). I first met Gary at the YWCA at 17th and Memorial (when Bob Shaha was president) and Gary would bring his 2 sons - Kyle and Troy with him to play (they were both young teenagers then).Gary and Carlene used to host an outdoor barbeque (twice I believe) at his home for all the table tennis players which was great fun and very generous and kind and he was happy to let people enjoy his land and home (near Jenks) and something I will never forget.

Additional pics of Gary can be seen here - http://tulsatabletennis.com/membersmallphotos.asp?PlayID=5

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