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FAQ Page           These are actual questions from new players:

(1) Does my membership include playing at both locations - Bixby and Dawson?

(2) What does it cost to play?
For the first 2 weeks at Bixby - free. If you decide to join the club - $40 per year (this pays for the balls and tables). Dawson has a different pay schedule.

(3) What if I don't have a paddle?
We can loan you a paddle for the night you are there. We have many extra catalogs from Paddle Palace we can give you (which is where most the members buy their table tennis equipment). We will be happy to talk to you about which paddle and rubber is best for your game.

(4) How do you decide who plays who?
You can either:
(1)  "Challenge the table" by putting your paddle between the legs of the table where 2 people are already playing. The winner stays up and plays the next challenger.
(2) You can set up a new table and play anyone available.

(5) Can anyone show up and play?
Yes. The Bixby Center and Dawson Park are both owned and managed by the Tulsa Parks and Recreation Dept. which are public facilities.

(6) Where can I buy paddles?
Most of the members buy their equipment from paddlepalace.com